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MYPL8: Find vehicular romance this Valentine's Day

Newly launched U.K. service lets you text drivers who catch your eye. Hey, maybe it's time to try a new tactic for finding love: stalking innocent commuters while they're stuck in traffic.


Seeking love and affection this Valentine's Day, but don't have the guts to tell your sweetheart? Using anonymous greeting cards because you're too socially inept to communicate face to face? If so, it's probably time to try a new tactic: stalking innocent commuters while they're stuck in traffic.

The newly launched MYPL8 service--also known as PL8M8--allows love-starved U.K. drivers to communicate via text. Once you spot someone you fancy, note their car's registration number and, when it's convenient, text their registration number and a brief message to the MYPL8 text number. Provided the intended recipient has previously registered with the service, they'll get your message and the opportunity to reply as they see fit.

Fellow MYPL8 members should be fairly easy to recognize. Members are offered a car sticker to display on their car windows, while others have taken to printing their registration numbers on T-shirts to get dates while away from the car. For shy daters, MYPL8 also offers a more clandestine means of identifying yourself as a member, but they're not saying what that is--you'll have to join to find out for yourself.

What do you think--is it a good idea or a waste of 35p (about 51 cents) plus your standard network text rate? Personally, Crave prefers the old-fashioned method of staring at someone until they make eye contact, pushing a naked boob up against the window, then chasing them for as long as it takes for them to run out of gas. Yes, we're old romantics.

(Via Crave UK)