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Myo partners with DJ Armin Van Buuren to make beautiful, gesture-controlled music

The Grammy-nominated DJ has partnered with Thalmic Labs to use the Myo gesture-control armband during live performances.

Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Lab's gesture-control Myo armband is still adding potential applications to its portfolio, in preparation for when consumer models start shipping -- which really could be any day now. The latest? A stage show spectacular.

The company has partnered with its first musician, Grammy-nominated DJ Armin Van Buuren, to bring gesture control to his live performances -- potentially using the armband to control lights, video, effects and even sound, using a custom integration built especially for Van Buuren by Haute Technique.

"I always love to involve new ideas into my show," Van Buuren said. "Crowd interaction is absolutely key to me and the Myo helps me with this. It can create a unique experience for the clubber and it feels like I'm even closer to them."

Though the armband function tapped by Van Buurin was custom-designed for specific performances -- controlling a ring of lights on stage at Ibiza -- Myo will also be compatible with existing software applications. It will, for example, work as a MIDI controller with Ableton Live, Serato DJ, Traktor, Logic Pro and GarageBand.

Other potential applications, Thalmic Labs said, include smart home control; presentations; smartphone integration; multimedia, such as gaming; and radio control of remote-controlled devices such as quadcopters.

You can read more and preorder the $149 armband on the Myo website.