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MyFamily adding a baby boomer to its household

The family lifestyle Web site says it plans to acquire ThirdAge Media, adding the company geared toward baby boomers to its network of sites.

Family lifestyle Web site said Tuesday it plans to acquire ThirdAge Media, adding the company targeted toward baby boomers to its Internet network.

As first reported Monday night, ThirdAge will be added to MyFamily's network of sites under the brand name. It will offer information and resources for adults 40 years old and older, ThirdAge said in a statement. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The move furthers MyFamily's attempt to corner the family oriented Web community. The company makes money through advertising revenues, subscription services and e-commerce partnerships.

With Tuesday's deal, MyFamily will extend its reach and obtain more advertising space. It will also be able to cross-promote its other family sites, such as, which contains more than 600 million genealogical records.

Through its network of Web sites and its newsletters, the combined company will provide advertising and direct marketing channels to its partners, which include Merrill Lynch, AltaVista, America Online, Lycos and Hewlett-Packard.

The ThirdAge acquisition is not the first for MyFamily. In June, the company agreed to buy rival, one of the oldest and largest online communities for accessing family history.

In March, MyFamily completed a $30 million round of private financing. Companies participating in the funding round included Eastman Kodak, CMGI @Ventures, Intel Capital and Compaq Computer.