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MyBlogLog lets you see what your friends are up to

Social network for bloggers adds what other social networks have had for a while--a news feed of your friends' activities.

Yahoo's MyBlogLog, a social network for bloggers, is catching up with the times.

The site launched a new version of its service this week and borrowed a page from Facebook, FriendFeed, and others in adding a feature that lets you see what your friends are up to.

The "New With Me, New With My Neighborhood" feature in the center of the page replaces what used to be static profiles. Basically, you can toggle between a list of your activities and those of friends.

If you are viewing the neighborhood profile, you can see a list of updates from all your contacts and learn who added whom as a contact, as well as their tagging, tweeting, messaging, blogging, and bookmarking activities. If you are looking at your profile, you can see what you've been up to.

At a certain point it just seems like too much white noise, but I guess some people are psyched to know what their friends are doing every minute of the day.

MyBlogLog lets users stay abreast of their friends' online activities. MyBlogLog