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My Yahoo graduating beta, adding new features

My Yahoo is getting a fresh update over the next week, and it's leaving its much-coveted beta status.

On Monday, Yahoo will begin the weeklong roll out of the new My Yahoo to users in all markets. The start page service is graduating from the much-coveted beta status, and integrating improvements made over the last several months like new and third-party content modules, a streamlined header, and advertising that's not as in-your-face as previous iterations. (See full list of updates below.)

The move paves the way for Yahoo's open-platform strategy, which was announced in late April. It lets developers create widgets that work on other Yahoo properties and OpenSocial in the hopes of expanding how and where content can be used.

All My Yahoo users should have the new version of by July 14.

From the release:

  • Custom-designed modules with more of great content from select publishers (such as New York Times, People, Wall Street Journal, etc.)
  • New and improved Yahoo! modules, including Top Picks from Your Page, Flickr, Note to Self, To Do List, Movie Showtimes, Scoreboard, Stock Portfolios, TV Listings, Calendar, Yahoo! Buzz, etc.
  • New modules that provide access to third-party services (i.e., Netflix, Gmail, POP mail, Facebook)
  • New header with easier customization tools for adding content and choosing options, as well as tabbed browsing for multiple pages
  • More control, with additional page layout options, a less intrusive advertising approach, and easy drag-and-drop functionality