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My name is Justin Yu, and I'm a digital pack rat

Iomega releases 1TB eGo desktop hard drive.

My name is Justin Yu, and I'm a digital pack rat. That's right, my hard drive is ultra cluttered with bad photos, ancient MP3s, and obsolete software, but I can never bring myself to trash them--who knows when I'll need that essay I wrote in middle school on Benjamin Franklin? I know that as soon as I empty the trash can, someone's going to ask for that blurry picture of their knee I took back in '98.

Iomega looks like they have my affliction covered--the company just released a 1TB version of the popular eGo desktop hard drive in three colors: black, blue, and red. These hot swappable USB 2.0 drives are going for $269.95 and are available today. The design is based on the popular eGo portable drives and look a lot like a flask, with rounded edges and a matte finish. With 1TB of space, I can happily keep my files safe and secure for decades to come...uh-oh...