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'My Name Is Earl' promotion launched on MySpace

Fans can enter a contest to have their pictures displayed at the end of the show's credits.

Fans of NBC comedy "My Name Is Earl" can now join a group that gives them access to message boards, sneak preview clips, downloadable cell phone content, and a contest to have their picture displayed at the end of the show's credits. "Earl" creator Greg Garcia usually incorporates a picture of one of his friends into the logo for his production company, Amigos de Garcia (Friends of Garcia). As part of the MySpace promotion, contest winners will have their faces featured there instead. Until Sept. 5, members of the group can submit their photographs via MySpace. A total of three winners will be randomly chosen--one for the Sept. 21 season premiere, and two more for subsequent episodes.

The MySpace community and accompanying contest are the result of a deal between the social-networking site, NBC and 20th Century Fox Television. 20th Century Fox and MySpace are both owned by News Corp.