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My iPhone's metrics: Various measures of life with the iPhone

The iPhone by certain numbers, ala Harper's.

Like the Harper's Index, here are some numbers I've observed over the past 40 days... (well, 42 days actually).

Number of days in my possession: 42

Number of iPhones I purchased: 2

Number of which I kept: 1

Percent, to the nearest whole integer, of commission I took for getting a certain someone their iPhone: 0

Approximate number of hours waited in line: 10

Approximate number of days after I waited in line until the iPhone was sold out: 1

Number of people who cut in front of me in the line: 40

Number of people I allowed to cut in line behind me: 1

Nearest number of dollars headphone adapter jack will cost to enable all my headphones to work properly given the iPhone's recessed audio jack: 20

Sets of headphones I cannot currently use with my iPhone while headphone adapter remains out of stock: 3

Number of times I dropped the iPhone: 1

Number of times panic struck where I thought my iPhone was kaput: 2

Number of calls dropped on AT&T's 'fewer dropped calls network:' too many

Ratio of male owners of iPhones to female owners of iPhones personally observed: 10:1

Ratio of men who want to see my iPhone to women who want to see my iPhone: 3:5

Approximate number of times I?ve had to perform a hard reset of my iPhone: 9

Number of times I restored my iPhone: 0

Version number of iPhone software available after 42 days: 1.01

Number of times I thought of bringing my iPhone to a nearby Apple Store to swap out for a new one: 3

Number of photos taken with iPhone: 103

Approximate number of times Google Picasa has imported a given photo: 5

On a scale from 1 to 10 my overall assessment, 10 being a truly metaphysical experience: 7.7