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My first "you are an idiot for that blog post" phone call!

Turns out that the CNet brand carries some weight after all!

After an especially difficult morning, I was welcomed to the office with a delightful voicemail from my new pal Jon Prall. Jon took offense to the fact that I think that MS Exchange should die and that Google is taking over the planet. Being that it was my first experience with this blog bearing human communication I did the obvious thing and called him back. At first he didn't want to tell me who it was until I said that I don't deal with anonymous comments (plus I had his phone number :>)

Jon was concerned that I, as someone whose blog appears on CNET, was biased. I then reminded him that this is a blog and a big part of the appeal is that I can be biased. The shocker was that he had worked at Six Apart and knew all about blogging.

Specifically he felt that my post about Google Sync was off-base in that the apps are not as good as Exchange. True, I said but that doesn't mean that the overall fact of the Google system doesn't meet your needs. And at the cost of Exchange vs. Google there was no comparison.

"What about Goodlink, what about Treos, are they dead then?" he asked.
"Yes, yes they are." I responded. "Only the Blackberry and iPhone matter at this point."

In the long run, it was fun to talk to Jon though it was a little weird that someone went through the efforts to find my office phone number. But I don't care. I find it interesting that anyone cares about the muck that I rake and I am happy to discuss. I've also invited him to guest post on why the media is screwy and why I am an idiot.