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'My First Phone': CNET editors look back at their first phones

Nearly 25 years after the launch of the first smartphone, we wax nostalgic about our own first handsets.

Josh Miller/CNET

On Nov. 23, 1992, IBM debuted a prototype of what is to be considered one of the very first iterations of the modern smartphone. Known as IBM Simon, it had a touchscreen, sent emails and even had map capabilities.

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Today, nearly 25 years later, the humble smartphone has evolved to something much greater. Equipped with exceptional cameras, breakneck processors and high-speed data coverage, phones have become pocket computers that can broadcast live from anywhere in the world, find yourself a date or secure your home's security system.

And while we at CNET welcome new and advanced technology (being tech reporters and all, it kind of keeps us employed), we also miss the simpler times. Back when phones just made calls and the most advanced features they had were Snake the game or an Opera browser you never launched. So we gathered our editors to reminisce about their first (or one of their first) phones.

Did your phone get included? What was your first phone? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.