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My first Creative Zen Micro accessory

My first Creative Zen Micro accessory

Last week, I met the president of a company called Rivet to discuss iPod accessories and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the company is also releasing an add-on for the Creative Zen Micro. (I'd recently grumbled about the lack of such niceties for my player of choice.) The Grab, which is also available for the various iPods, will be released for the Micro in August, but I've gotten my mitts on one already. Although the Grab doesn't protect my Micro as much as I'd like (I'm hoping Rivet will soon release a Micro-ready Flip to this end), I discovered just how handy it is upon using it for just one day. As an offender who haphazardly throws her player into a capacious bag or purse, I often find myself rummaging for it in haste, ultimately dragging it out by the headphone cord. The Grab, coupled with an E-Clip and Hook Plate, lets me hook my Micro around the handle of my bag or purse and have it dangle right inside within easy reach. Fabulous.

You can also pair the E-Clip with the Belt Clip Plate for affixing to your person or the minimalistic Dash Adhesive Plate for use in the car. When the Grab for the Micro becomes available to the public, it will be sold as the Grab Lanyard for $24.99. This package comes with the chain lanyard and the Micro Clip, which, like the E-Clip, attaches to the pin on the back of the holster (see photo). In order use the option I outline above, you'll have to wait a bit longer for that package, which will cost $29.99.