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Mutant samurai robot battle

Donald Bell and Josh Lowensohn put the Learning Curve Battle Wheels RC samurai to the test in an epic battle.

Webware's Josh Lowensohn spends his days reviewing Web sites, while the rest of us get to play with an endless stream of newfangled gadgets. While most of the Crave and CNET reviews team have become jaded to the perpetual parade of gizmos coursing through our office, Josh greets each rare tech toy bestowed on him as if it were handed down by Santa himself. So when an unsolicited pair of Learning Curve Battle Wheels RC samurai appeared on Josh's desk, there was no way to avoid a full-scale battle royale. Lucky for me, I had my camera on hand to capture the carnage.

From a critical point of view, the Battle Wheels held our attention for about 45 minutes before the novelty (and the battery life) went flat. Still, it was 45 minutes of undiluted rock-em-sock-em samurai adrenaline. Each of these guys go for about $30 each. There's also an online game version of Battle Wheels found here, capable of wasting a few hours of your time.