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Mustek DTV-407: DVD & Freeview on the go

Mustek's inconspicuous-looking DTV-407 is not just a portable DVD player -- it has a digital TV tuner as well, a genuine first

It's rare to see portable DVD players these days, but it's a genuine miracle to see one with an integrated digital tuner as well. The DTV-407 is the first all-in-one DVD player and Freeview package we've had in the office, and despite some reservations about Freeview's suitability for watching on the go, it's certainly an attractive proposition.

The player itself has a 7-inch widescreen display and the battery pack needed to power the thing is downright ginormous, but the package comes with everything you need. It has a power cable, a mini aerial and video cables for outputting to a TV or inputting from another device, such as a games console. The coolest part is that you can output in progressive-scan video, so you can hook the player up to a flat-screen TV for a half-decent picture. There's also two headphone sockets, so you can share your portable movie player with a fellow traveller if you're feeling generous.

Like many portable DVD players, you're making a sacrifice when it comes to picture quality, and the LCD is flickery and lacks detail. But at only £200 (or less online), the DTV-407 has some attractive features for the money. -GC