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Musings from 20,000 feet

CNET News' Ina Fried thinks it is kind of odd that, after two hours of hunger on the tarmac at JFK airport, once finally airborne, she can surf the Web and order food from her seat.

SOMEWHERE OVER PENNSYLVANIA--I know in-flight Wi-Fi isn't really new anymore. But, it's my first time and, like many before me, I can't resist using the opportunity to send my missives out to the world.

Bloggers and Internet users hold up their laptops on request, during a November 2008 test flight with Virgin America's in-flight Wi-Fi service. Kent German/CNET

It's particularly liberating after spending the last two hours trapped on the tarmac at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. OK--perhaps trapped isn't the fairest verb to describe any existence where there is water, sanitation facilities, and live satellite TV. Still, as we waited for a runway to clear, we had no way to get food or connect to the Internet.

I find it more than a little strange that, now that I am airborne, I can do both of those things. In any case, I can so I am.

And really, that's the spirit of many of my readers. This week, many of us will try out the release candidate of Windows 7. We won't do it because we have to (OK, well, maybe I have to), but many of us will do it out of curiosity.

I enjoyed a few days off work, going to a family wedding, seeing two great aunts with a combined age of 181 and playing with two baby cousins with a combined age of less than a year.

But I'm also looking forward to getting back to work on Tuesday and finding out what else happened in the tech world in the few days I was blissfully out of the loop.