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Musicians left out in the cold

In response to the April 3 Perspectives column by Greg Blonder, "Free content: Why not?":

I sure enjoyed your commentary on the potential for a free music content model. It was superb and really a wonderful gift to any business with the money and knowledge to pull it off.

I think it's also worth noting that the current distribution system gives the public ready access to probably less than 10 percent of the interesting, talented performing musicians and song writers across the country--most of whom have no chance whatsoever of becoming one of the favored couple of dozen to be taken under the promotional wing of the five or six major companies.

In other words, while there's a huge demand for music by prospective listeners, there's also a huge supply of fine bands and musicians who've been shut out of the distribution model due to the fact that it can't handle more than a few hundred artists at any one time, if that. Of course, the same holds true for book authors, but that's another story.

Bob Dunn
Houston, Texas