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Musical waterbed: Perfect for '70s disco

It supposedly relies on soundwaves sent through the water.


So maybe that iPod stool wasn't such a dumb idea after all. That, at least, is what we thought after seeing this musical waterbed.

Believe it or not, it's actually not the first of its kind that we've seen, though there are far more traditional non-aquatic iPod beds, of course. But the "Akva Sound Music Waterbed" stays focused on its main purpose of delivering audio, resisting the temptation to build in every other known form of media and technology.

Rather than some cheesy glued-on portable speakers, according to Slippery Brick, it has a dedicated place for loudspeakers that's strategically positioned for "the utilization of the water's unique properties as a carrier of sound and oscillation." But if you insist on enjoying music in the water and want to save some money, you can get an even more direct effect by going for a swim with the "SwiMP3" headphones.