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Musical instruments from odds, ends, anything

Got a musician's ear and a tinkerer's hand? The Made of Imagination contest seeks the ultimate homemade instruments. Ready, set, play!

Musician Jeff Conley crafts musical instruments from vintage luggage -- and then, apparently, lies down with them. Jeff Conley

Got a battered old suitcase sitting around the house? Jeff Conley might be able to make music with it. The Boston indie-folk musician crafts working guitars and drums from vintage luggage. They're not something you'd find at the local Guitar Center, to be sure. But neither are the other offbeat entries to the Made of Imagination contest.

That project, co-sponsored by art site Booooooom, MTV, and Sony Xperia, tasks participants with creating their own instruments -- "beautiful, hopefully ingenious, and probably ridiculous" ones, that is. If they actually play music (or at least make noise of some kind), so much the better.

Photos and videos of DIY instruments can be submitted through September 26, with one new Sony Xperia Ion being awarded for the most creative instrument and another for the best video performance.

DIY'ers can choose to remake an existing instrument or invent a completely new one, and so far they've done way more than just turn plastic containers upside down and call them a drum. Click though our gallery to see (and hear) some of the submissions so far.