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Music stand could make you a virtuoso

Digital stand turns sheet music, stores library of scores

We've always had a secret desire to be a concert pianist, but there was just one problem: We never learned how to play the piano. The reason, of course, was that it's just too difficult to turn the sheet music and play at the same time.

Digital music stand

If only one of these hands-free page-turners from Hammacher Schlemmer was available when we were kids. Not only does it solve the multi-tasking conundrum, but this digital tablet also doubles as a library that can store thousands of scores and display them on its 12-inch backlit LCD. It even has an MP3 player, two USB ports and a rechargeable battery for up to 3 hours of classical enjoyment. All this for the modest price of $1,400. And face it, that's nothing compared with your Stradivarius collection.

(Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer)