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Music service Songza goes Mad

Music streaming application Songza has created Mad Men-inspired playlists to coincide with the show's final season.

Songza logo Songza

Music streaming application Songza has created curated playlists inspired by the characters in AMC's Mad Men to coincide with the debut of its final season.

For those finding it hard to say good-bye, there are three playlists: Mad Men's Don Draper, Mad Men: The Skirts and Mad Men: The Suits -- with sub lists within each and the genres swing between jazz, folk and even French pop.

Set in the 1960s, Mad Men premiered in 2007. The term mad men was derived in the 1950s, and referred to the advertising executives of Madison Avenue.

One of Songza's features is eclectic playlists inspired by activities, genres, moods, decades, and even seasons. Songza is currently available for iOS and Android as well as via Web browser.

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