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Music for the monastery

Little music player is shaped like a cross necklace.

Get thee to a nunnery!

Hey, friars! Taken a vow of silence, but still craving the new Decemberists album? (Give it a listen! It's good!) Well, your prayers may soon be answered--sorry, I had to throw that in there--if this prototype of a digital audio player hits the market. Called the "Saint B" and dreamed up by a Russian design studio, this little music player is shaped like a cross necklace and is sure to blend into any order's habits (though you'll have to find a way to hide your headphones). Just don't turn the volume up too loudly if you're listening to Metallica.

(Alternately, you could always just disguise your iPod Shuffle with an iBelieve add-on.)

Discovered at the Very Eclectic blog at Ozoux. Our apologies go out to any real-life monks we may have offended with this post.

(Photo: Manworks Design)