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Music discovery app Shazam launches for Windows Phone 8

The folks behind Shazam have finally conjured up a version of their music app for Microsoft's latest mobile OS.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Windows Phone 8 users can now add more music to their lives, courtesy of Shazam.

Officially unveiled Thursday in the Windows Phone store, the Shazam app works its musical magic by identifying the song currently being played in proximity to your phone. You can then buy the song through Microsoft's Xbox Music service or through Nokia Music if you're using a Nokia Lumia phone.

Shazam adds a social aspect as well. You can share and comment on your musical discoveries with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. You can also tag any song so that other people can see it and view songs tagged by other people in and around your location.

Windows Phone 8 users can see the lyrics to songs they've tagged and learn more about their favorite music and artists. They can also tag TV shows and ads that they like.

"Windows Phone 8 users now have access to...faster tagging and a new interactive map, where users can discover the music people are listening to around them. This is more than just the music that's already popular; these are often songs people are discovering for the first time," Shazam Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker said in a statement Thursday.