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Mundie: Microhoo totally dead, unless...

In Thursday's episode of "comments from a Microsoft executive traveling overseas," Craig Mundie says his company is not looking back, unless Yahoo were to come begging.

It's become a morning ritual for me: grab a bagel and a cup of tea and sit down and parse the latest comments from a Microsoft executive interviewed overseas.

This morning, instead of my usual Lemon Lift, I'm trying a cup of mandarin orange green tea. And, instead of Bill Gates, today's quotes come from Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategy.

The comments themselves are along the same theme. First, say how you are moving on. Second, leave the door open a crack, just to keep everyone guessing.

Now to the details, so I can get to my cup of tea.

Speaking to Reuters in Indonesia, Mundie said "The market may wish that the Yahoo deal may come back together, but Microsoft at least at this point assumes it's over."

He reiterated that the economics just didn't make sense. Microsoft was offering $33 a share, while Yahoo was demanding at least $37. Now, to open the door a crack.

"Yahoo could always come back again and say please buy us for $33 (a share) and I'm sure we might reconsider it but we're not assuming that's going to happen," Mundie told Reuters.