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MultiTaction turns walls into giant touch screens

Finnish company launches 55-inch multiuser LCD multitouch display, believed to be the world's largest. That's potentially a lot of hands-on activity at once.

A maximum of 24 MultiTouch cells can be stacked together to form a ginormous touch-screen display. MultiTouch

MultiTouch, a Finland-based company known for its interactive display systems, has launched the MultiTaction Cell 55". The display is supposedly the "world's largest integrated multiuser LCD multitouch display," which means (way) more than one person can use it at a time.

These full-HD displays can be wall-mounted or embedded in custom furniture. As they are stackable and have a super-thin bezel, you can mount as many as 24 displays together--edge to edge--to form one large touch screen.

Powered by an Intel Core-i processor and Nvidia GPU, the MultiTaction Cell 55" panel also consists of 32 camera modules that are able to detect different users' hands via infrared (IR) technology. This is a vast improvement over the company's previous iteration, the MultiTaction Cell 46", which had only two IR cameras.

In Singapore--the only Asian stop on MultiTouch's global product demo tour--MultiTouch CEO Petri Martikainen demonstrated the intelligent multitouch display's features. We noted that it's generally responsive and renders graphics smoothly, due to its 200fps response.

Camera modules are able to detect different users' hands via infrared (IR) technology. MultiTouch

Besides hands, the display can also read 2D optical codes on objects. This may remind you of the Microsoft Surface SUR40, which measures 40 inches across. However, the Surface has a much thicker bezel, which would make it unsuitable for side-by-side placement.

MultiTouch's version may not have Corning Gorilla Glass like the Surface, but the screen is still pretty hardy with its tempered glass material.

So far, MultiTaction cells have been installed in bars in Japan and Hong Kong. The product is definitely more enterprise-oriented, but if you're interested in getting one, the MultiTouch Cell 55" will set you back 13,500 euros ($17,900). This price includes 24/7 remote support, but not the development of custom-made app (the SDK will cost you another $2,650). Martikainen says the lifespan of a cell is about five years, assuming it's always on.

All we can say is, for that price, a consumer might be better off getting an LG PenTouch TV. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the video below.

(Source: Crave Asia)