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MultiScan 15 monitor "out of warranty" repairs: the official and final word

MultiScan 15 monitor "out of warranty" repairs: the official and final word


After posting the item last time on the supposed "extended warranty" for Apple MultiScan 15 monitors, I received replies from Apple, from Henry Norr (of MacWEEK fame) and from an assortment of other tech support people and end users who have had experience with this issue. Geez, after awhile, it seemed as if I was the only one in the world who did not know what was going on. Summarizing all the comments I received, here the facts as I now know them:

There is no official "extended warranty" for this monitor. This is true despite the fact that Apple acknowledges that there is a "fairly widespread problem with the red guns" on these monitors. The reason behind this no extension policy is less clear. One reader claimed that Apple was about to announce a formal policy, but then pulled back. There was a legal dispute over who would pay for the repairs: Apple or the supplier who was believed to be the source of the part that caused the problem. Another reader wrote: "The reasoning behind this is that, if Apple calls it an official repair extension, they have to put aside the financial backing to replace potentially every monitor in the range, and cannot touch that money until the extension ends." In any case, there is no official extension.

That said, Apple does have an unofficial policy to repair the monitor, even if it is out of warranty, on a "case by case" basis. As stated on the Technical Support Online Displays board for the "Multiple Scan 15 - loss of color": "If you feel you have special circumstances that warrant Apple making a repair exception, I recommend you or your Apple-authorized service provider call Apple technical support to discuss this further." There is no serial number range for the any issue on this display. Not all displays will be replaced.

What's the best advice if you have a problem with this monitor? The many readers who have succeeded in getting a free repair all agreed on the best strategy:
1. Be persistent; don't give up if your first call gets you nowhere; call again or ask to be "bumped up the ladder."
2. Don't be hostile; be patient.
3. Don't say anything about a repair extension program; simply describe the problem that you want fixed.
4. Call Customer Relations (800-776-2333) rather than Tech Support.

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