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Multiplying the midrange

Hewlett-Packard announces multiprocessor Pentium Pro-based servers, priced in the middle ranges.

Hewlett-Packard today announced the availability of multiprocessor (MP) Pentium Pro-based servers and a new entry-level MP server.

HP announced availability of its Pentium Pro-based HP NetServer LX Pro 6/200 and LH Pro systems. HP also introduced a new midrange server to its Pentium Pro-based HP NetServer LX product line, the HP NetServer LXe Pro system.

The HP NetServer LX Pro 6/200 server is slated to ship September 1 and supports up to four 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with a 512KB level 2 cache per processor. Dual PCI "peer" buses deliver balanced I/O throughput required for very-high-performance multiprocessor Pentium Pro systems.

The LX Pro 6/200 is expandable to up to 2GB of Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) memory and has 17 storage bays, including 12 hot-swap shelves that support up to 109GB of internal storage.

Pricing for the HP NetServer LX 6/200 server with one processor and 64MB memory starts at approximately $13,800.

HP also said today that it is now shipping a lower-end Pentium Pro-based NetServer LH Pro system.

The new LH Pro server supports dual Pentium Pro 200-MHz processors with 256KB of cache per processor. It is equipped with an advanced PCI architecture featuring dual Fast and Wide SCSI controllers, an Extended Data Out (EDO) memory subsystem and ECC memory capacity of up to 1GB. It also features dual SCSI hot-swap with built-in duplexing and Smart Redundant Power Supply.

The HP NetServer LH Pro 6/200 server base model with one processor and 32MB memory starts at approximately $7,800.

Also, HP introduced a new entry-level server in its midrange line. The HP NetServer LXe Pro system offers six hot-swappable shelves and has dual redundant power supplies. It supports up to four Pentium Pro processors with 512KB of cache per processor and 2GB of RAM, and has dual SCSI backplanes. An HP NetServer LXe Pro system is fully upgradeable to an LX Pro with the addition of six more hot-swappable shelves and an additional redundant power supply, the company said.

Pricing for the HP NetServer LXe Pro server Model 1 with a 166-MHz Pentium Pro processor and 64MB of RAM starts at approximately $10,900.