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Multimedia device reads nine formats

Soyo Group has launched products designed to read and write data to nine kinds of media. The Ontario, Calif.-based motherboard maker said its BayOne XP and BayOne DV products enable device tasks such as digital photo downloads. Soyo's internal reader/writers are designed to fit into the front of a PC. They work with media formats such as Secure Digital (SD), Sony Memory Stick and CompactFlash Type I and II, the company said. There is also a slot for the next SD generation.

The Soyo BayOne XP, which features a Universal Serial Bus 2.0 port, is priced at $39.99. The BayOne DV, which adds a FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection, sells for $44.99. Consumers using devices such as digital cameras now face a wide and possibly confusing range of data storage choices. Disk drive maker Western Digital also introduced a product for reading multiple kinds of memory cards.