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Multi-deal Monday: iTunes cleanup, HDMI cables, Blu-ray freebie, and more!

So many deals, so little Monday! There's a monitor deal in particular you have to see to believe.

Blech. Monday, right? After a sweet couple days of R&R, now you're back to the grind -- the commute, the job, the boss, the commute again...

Allow me to sweeten your day, cheeps. First, you're alive -- bonus! Second, you're reasonably healthy (at least, I hope you are). And, third, I'll bet you have plenty to be grateful for -- so take a moment to appreciate your family, your friends, the roof over your head, the food on your plate. I try never to take that stuff for granted, because, really, what more do you need to be happy?

Oh, right: sweet deals! They add +1 to your baseline happiness. So allow me to brighten your Monday with a whopping +5:

iTunes Fixer-Upper


If your iTunes library is anything like mine, it's a years-in-the-making mess of music from tons of different sources. Duplicates, missing album art, misnamed files -- pure chaos. The fix: TuneUp, a top-rated PC/Mac utility that cleans and organizes iTunes libraries.

Just one problem: it runs $40 (normally $50!). Uh, no. But for a limited time, it's a lot more palatable: StackSocial has TuneUp (PC/Mac) for $19.95. That gets you a full-version license that's good for the life of your PC and can be transferred up to five times.


Sexy HDMI cables

Wait, what? An HDMI cable is probably the least sexy of all cables. I mean, remember those old parallel printer jobs? Hubba-hubba!

On the other hand, check this out: While supplies last (and I'm told they're limited), MyTradeWorld (via Amazon) has a VCOM 6.6-foot flat, nylon-covered HDMI cable for $3.92 when you apply coupon code CHPSKTHD at checkout. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers.

Update: Sorry, looks like these are sold out already.

These are HDMI 1.4 cables that support 3D, 4K, 1080p, and audio return. Plus, they're way nicer-looking than your typical cord.

Passwords, managed

Let me blunt: If you use a device that's connected to the Internet, you should be using a password manager. It's no less essential than a Web browser.

But should you pay for one? Not if you don't have to. Ending tomorrow, SharewareOnSale has a one-year RoboForm Everywhere license (PC/Mac) for free. Normally it's $19.95, and that's what it'll cost you come August 2015, to renew -- unless you find another freebie, of course. Either way, totally worth it.

A free Blu-ray/DVD player for PCs


For reasons I can't possibly fathom, Windows 8 won't allow you to view Blu-ray or even DVD movies. (Windows 7 didn't directly support Blu-ray either, but at least it could play DVDs.)

Luckily, there's this: For a limited time, you can get Leawo Blu-ray Player for free. Regular price: $39.95. It's available for both Windows and Mac, and it lets you play not only Blu-ray and DVD discs, but also ISO files.

To get it, just click either Get It Now button (Windows or Mac), then enter your e-mail address. In short order you should receive a download link and activation code. Note that you must download, install, and activate the program before the giveaway offer expires.

Update: Several users have reported issues with this, so allow me to share my experience. My download/registration e-mail arrived within minutes of completing the Web form -- though it's possible Leawo's servers are now overloaded with requests. If you still haven't received your code by tomorrow, let me know and I'll follow up with the developer.

As for installation, mine went without a hitch. As noted, you must register the program using the code provided in the e-mail, otherwise you'll be stuck with the trial version. But I found zero evidence of any virus, browser hijacker, or the like. Nor should there be in a commercial product such as this. I can't explain why a few users have had different experiences.


Impossibly cheap monitors?


That's not my reaction to this deal, it's the amusing name of a new daily-deal site. And today only, Meh has some refurbished AOC monitors on sale for seriously low prices.

Specifically, a 21.5-inch for $76, a 23-inch for $84, and a 24-inch for $88. Shipping adds $5. They're all 1080p LED monitors, and according to at least a few commenters, the 23-inch model is an IPS display. Each one comes with a 90-day AOC warranty.

I've never purchased anything from this site, so caveat emptor. There is a page with product specs and the aforementioned reader comments, which you should definitely check out. Think you'll roll the dice on these guys? Those are some awfully sweet prices...