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Multi-coloured Apple MacBooks and iPods are go

Spice up your technology life with these beautiful coloured MacBooks, iPods and Dells from the crazy folks at Colorware

Rumours abound that Apple will release a range of multicoloured iBooks later in the year, but industrious Mac owners are already grabbing a slice of flamboyant Mac heaven right now.

US firm Colorware is offering a range of strikingly hued Apple and Dell products, of which we've taken a liking to the Ferrari-red MacBook Pro, lilac Mac Mini, and bright yellow iPod nano.

Customers can choose from 24 different colours, and if you live in the US, you can also send off your existing Apple or Dell products to be professionally vandalised.

The news is sure to spark the imagination of anyone who aspires to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's dramatic sense of style, or better still, anyone who proudly proclaims their status as an Apple uber-fanboy.

Colorware iPods cost around $75 (£40) more than the Apple original, while MacBook Pros cost around $650 (£350) more than their vanilla counterparts. You know you want one, so check out Colorware's Web site for more details. -RR