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Much more mobile music: Moto acquires Soundbuzz music store

Motorola acquires Soundbuzz online music store and plans to expand its MOTOMUSIC store into Australia and New Zealand.

Credit: Motorola.

Motorola has announced its acquisition of online music store Soundbuzz, in a move it hopes will extend on the success it has enjoyed with its own online music service, which has included a content partnership with the ARIA music charts in Australia.

With its headquarters in Singapore, Soundbuzz services include a region-specific music download library in excess of 750,000 music tracks, including licences with major music labels Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music International and Universal Music Group, as well as over 45 independent record labels in Asia, the US and Europe.

In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Motorola has established the MOTOMUSIC service for music downloads to mobile devices, and the acquisition of Soundbuzz indicates Motorola is prepared to launch the service in other countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

"[The acquisition] will provide Motorola with one of the most extensive music libraries in the Asia Pacific region," said Bill Werner, Motorola senior vice president for future solutions and technology for mobile devices.

Advances in music playback capabilities and the uptake of 3G capable mobile devices in the Asia-Pacific region have seen a decrease in the purchase of abridged truetone and ringtone versions of popular music in favour of full music tracks downloaded to mobile devices.