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MTV <i>Urge</i>s you to download tracks from its upcoming service

MTV Urges you to download tracks from its upcoming service

MTV and Microsoft announced a partnership to create the Urge music download and streaming service. Offered within the Windows Media Player interface, the service will carry more than 2 million songs, plus exclusive MTV-produced content when it launches at CES 2006. Currently, Windows Media Player already lists at least 17 stores in its media mall, including Napster, MSN Music, Musicmatch, Audible, and others.

Yet another WMA-based service, Urge will target the MTV demographic with an immersive content-heavy environment that is guided by MTV's established "music DNA." It will also be heavily promoted on MTV, VH1, and CMT. We don't have details of the types of services (download, subscription, or to-go) involved, but we suspect videos will be available as well. It will be one of many music stores online, but the MTV branding will help capture a significant share of the teen market--though the service won't work with the popular iPod.