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Internet hires editor in chief, a news Web site, said Monday it has named one of its former editors as editor in chief, filling a position left open since June. Dean Wright, who most recently worked as an America Online executive, replaces Michael Silberman, the acting editor in chief. Silberman stepped into the role shortly after founding editor Merrill Brown left last year. Brown eventually joined RealNetworks to oversee its subscription services.

Working with Brown, Wright helped launch's news operations in 1996 as its managing editor. He left in 2000 to manage programming for AOL and to oversee the integration of content from Time Warner. Wright is expected to help guide as it launches new subscription services geared toward broadband. Wright will be based in's headquarters in Redmond, Wash. Silberman will continue with the company as its managing editor in Secaucus, N.J. The Web site is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC.