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MSN launches Fitbie, an interactive fitness site

Offering content and meal and fitness plans tailored to individual goals, the new wellness channel on could be to personal health what Mint is to personal finance.

Fitbie, the latest addition to MSN's Lifestyle portfolio of Web sites, has just gone live at, and partners MSN and Rodale say the interactive multimedia Web site will enable people look, feel, and live better by helping users make better diet and fitness choices.

Goals on Fitbie cover a wide range of topics, from finding time to work out to looking good naked. Screenshot by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore/CNET

With subpages on how to get fit, lose weight and eat right, as well as personalized plan and goal setting, Fitbie is clearly trying to be to personal health what is to personal finance.

Content is culled from several Rodale publications, including Women's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, Bicycling, and Men's Health. A sampling of articles on launch day covers such topics as the best marathons for beginners, nine reasons to get off the treadmill, 30-second weight loss tricks, and a handful of weight loss success stories.

Fitbie also features free two-week meal and fitness trial programs, including physical assessment and advice from diet and fitness experts.

"Working with MSN to launch Fitbie is a perfect fit for Rodale," says Steve Madden, vice president of Rodale's Creative Services & Digital Product Development, in Microsoft's news release. "Our mission is to improve personal health, and teaming up with a digital pioneer as respected as MSN to introduce this new property puts us squarely at the forefront of the digital health revolution."

In addition to powering Fitbie, MSN will also sell advertising for the site to accompany content by Rodale.