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MSI's new luxury laptop goes pigment-free

After trying various colors, the "Crystal Collection" goes with pearl white.


As every laptop maker tries to outdo each other in colors, patterns, and even textures, MSI has decided to zig where the rest are zagging: It's going back to basic white.

The Taiwanese company today is officially introducing its "PR200 Crystal Collection," a luxury laptop most notable for its pearl-white finish and 120 crystals encircling the MSI logo. This blanco edition appears to complete the entire spectrum for MSI, which debuted a black version more than a year ago before going through various other colors and finishes. Inside, it features a 12.1-inch display, an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, 160GB SATA hard drive, a 4-in-1 card reader, 1.3-megapixel Webcam, and even a fingerprint reader, according to Fareastgizmos.

Further evidence that MSI knows its market are the accessories that come with each laptop, which include a matching pearl-white mouse, a 1GB crystal-festooned flash drive, and not one but two leather cases. So take that, Ego.