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MSI Wind: Delayed until June 27

The MSI Wind mininotebook is delayed until June 27

The MSI Wind won't land until June 27 at the earliest. Micro-Star International

Scheduled to start shipping today, the MSI Wind has been delayed--blown off course, if you'll forgive the unavoidable pun. Citing battery shortages because of the fire at LG Chem's Ochang plant this past March, MSI has delayed the launch of its mininotebook until June 27. On that date, the company will begin shipping an XP version of the Wind with a 3-cell battery for $479. In July, MSI will start shipping the Linux version for $399 and an XP version with a 6-cell battery for $499. All models will feature an Intel Atom CPU and 10-inch screen.

Note: this post has been updated. We had previous written that the Linux version would ship on June 27, followed by the XP version, which was incorrect.