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MSI tries the Windows tablet game with the WindPad

One of the Windows tablets on display at CES is the unfortunately named WindPad from MSI.


Tablets are a hot commodity, or so the PC makers churning them out would have you believe. Though none of these devices, save for Apple's iPad, has really made a splash, we're still seeing plenty of Android and Windows tablets and slates being announced. And unlike CES 2010, a few of the models appearing at CES 2011 may actually make it to market in a timely manner.

One of the Windows tablets on display is from MSI, a company known for churning out a range of mostly decent laptops, with a few unheralded gems thrown into the mix. The unfortunately named WindPad has a 10.1-inch multitouch display and is powered by an Intel Z530 CPU.

Though that Z-series CPU doesn't fill us with hope (in fact, it's usually a recipe for disaster in anything other than an unambitious Netbook), the WindPad does offer a few features that other tablets (we're looking at you, iPad) lack. Notably, it has a mini-HDMI port, one USB connection, an SD card reader, Bluetooth, and dual cameras.

Storage space, according to the spec sheet we saw, include 16/32/64GB SSD and 320/500GB HDD options, and the system includes 2GB of RAM.

Look for the MSI WindPad in late January for between $499 and $699.