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MSI M677 Crystal Collection: Laptop with added bling

Get the Beckhams on the phone, pronto -- MSI has a crystal-encrusted laptop that'll make them the toast of Hollywood. Maybe

Crave remembers a time when crystal was a metric of quality. For centuries it was synonymous with opulence, luxury and was a sure-fire way of not just keeping up with the Joneses, but making them feel like tramps.

In today's bling-tastic celebrity-toe-sucking culture, however, crystal is favoured by Burberry-clad drunkards, which is why we nearly vomited in our mouths when we saw the MSI M677 Crystal Collection laptops.

They're ordinary laptops, except the lid logo and mouse trackpad are encrusted with 120 pieces of genuine Swarovski crystal. Then there's the lid itself, which has a shiny scratch-resistant UV coating for extra bling. Classy.

It's ironic, really -- Swarovski crystal is renowned for its quality, whereas MSI isn't exactly a 'premium' laptop brand. Crave can't help but wonder if the makers of this laptop will eventually land a job at MTV, where they'll commission Pimp My Shopping Trolley.

The specs for the M677 make good reading, though. says it'll use the fastest available AMD Turion 64 X2 CPU, up to 2GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 graphics card. Our only concern is the plodding 5,400rpm hard disk, which will 'minimise data storage' according to the Web site.

There's no word on pricing as yet, but you can expect to see the M677 Crystal Collection in the hands of Page 3 girls and second-rate footballers later this year. -RR

*Update: The M677 is available now via Play for £999.