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MSI announces three all-in-one PCs, calls them Wind Netons for some reason

MSI announces three Nettops that will be released next year.

MSI appears to be the only thing standing in the way of Asus and its attempt to take over the world with Eee-branded products, including an Eee Nettop that is on tap to be announced Thursday. MSI sees Asus' Eee Top and raises it three Wind Netons, MSI's (odd) name for its new line of all-in-one Nettops.

At the low end is the Neton M16, which features a 15.6-inch screen and a $400 price. In the middle sits the M19, an 18.5-inch model for $500, and at the top of the line is the still reasonably priced $799 M22 with, you guessed it, a 22-inch display. The two low-end models serve up 1366x768 resolutions, while the M22 does 1920x1080 while also including a Blu-ray drive. All three have touch screens.

I assume the prices quoted are for the single-core Atom chip, but MSI will also offer the dual-core Atom. Linux isn't offered, but you do get a choice of OS: XP with a single-core chip and Vista with a dual-core chip.

You won't see these Netons until next year--the M19 in January, the M16 in February, and the M22 in March. By then, perhaps someone will explain to me why I'd want a computer based on an Intel Atom processor that doesn't also include a battery.

Via Engadget China, which has photos from the MSI event.