MRJ 2.1 and Java-based online games: some do work; TEC issue noted

MRJ 2.1 and Java-based online games: some do work; TEC issue noted

Last time, we mentioned that Apple's new version of its Java Virtual Machine, MRJ 2.1, "still does not work with Java-based chat rooms and online games like those that appear on Yahoo."

Mike Riccio (Director of Game Development Total Entertainment Network) notes that "the Read Me that comes with MRJ 2.1 does indeed state that it is not compatible with Yahoo Games. However, that does not mean it is incompatible with other Java-based games and chat rooms. The games at Excite Classic Games by TEN are 100% compatible with MRJ 2.1. We at TEN worked closely with Apple to ensure that the new MRJ ran our games correctly. Most likely, the Yahoo Games are doing something that is not 100% Java compliant. The new MRJ vs. the old MRJ is like night and day. It's not only faster, it is extremely more stable!"

Similarly, World Without Borders replies: "Using MRJ 2.1 with IE 4.0 and 4.5, we discovered absolutely no problem whatsoever with our applet. Matter of fact, our chat applet works faster and is more stable then we've ever seen. For our money, MRJ 2.1 is an all-around winner."

TEC issue? On a related note, several readers have implicated the Text Encoding Converter 1.4.2 file, that is installed with MRJ 2.1, as a possible source of problems, including startup crashes on certain Macs. Reverting to an earlier version of TEC typically works-around the problem.

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