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Mr. Bean vs. the iPod

Sweex's 'Blaze' MP4 player has a secret weapon


Could the video iPod face a serious challenge from a Dutch media player? That's what the cheeky monkeys at U.K.-based Pocket-lint appear to be saying with this headline.

The supposed contender is the "Blaze" MP4 player from Holland's Sweex, which sports a 1.8-inch color display and can has all the usual functions and, in its latest version, comes with a pair of "exclusive" Sennheiser MX 300 earphones as well as 4GB of memory. No price has been disclosed, which makes it tough to gauge the Blaze's market prospects, though earlier models went for around $100. But no matter what the cost, Sweex has a secret weapon that will make even the most formidable opponent cringe: Mr. Bean.