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MPH provides Kenwood with digital TV at higher mph

MPH provides Kenwood with digital TV at higher mph.

Kenwood says its digital TV receiver will be on sale sometime in 2008. CNET Networks

Piping content into the car is one of the main themes on the automotive beat here at CES 2008, and Kenwood is leading the charge when it comes to the next generation of in-car television. The manufacturer is partnering with consumer electronics giant LG on development of a terrestrial digital television (DTV) receiver that will enable car occupants to watch ATSC TV at highway speeds. To date, analog receivers have enabled reception of in-car TV but only up to limited speeds. The prototype receiver that Kenwood is showing here at CES is based on the MPH (mobile, pedestrian, handheld) mobile DTV system developed by LG, Harris Corporation, and Zenith. Kenwood said that it expects to have a production version of the receiver by the end of 2008, anticipating cutoff of the analog TV signal in February 2009.