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MP3 sunglasses watch: Oakley Thump Pro

Oakley Thump Pros coming soon.

I wouldn't call it a tech dynasty, but Oakley's Thump franchise has owned the MP3 player sunglass market (despite numerous copycats). Everyone from Manny Ramirez to trash-talking nerds has an opinion about the wearable music accessory that entertains both eyes and ears. Oakley's latest, the Thump Pros, have made it into the office. I have to say, while I'm not into the style, they are incredibly comfortable. Look for Jasmine France's review later today.

Available in up to 1GB, the lunettes de soleil electroniques are based on the athletic style of the open-edged Bottlecap. Details are a little fuzzy at this point, but they'll definitely play back MP3, WMA, and unprotected AAC files; include an Overdrive feature that allows you to select and access your favorite song for that last drip of adrenaline; are compatible with Transitions lenses (so you don't look like a fool indoors); and have the same weak 6-hour battery life. Oh yes, and they''ll cost a pretty penny at $249 (256MB), $299 (512MB), and $349 (1GB). They'll be available November 17.

(Photo: CNET Networks)