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MP3 players that give you complete control

CNET editors round up a selection of MP3 players that include a separate key for controlling volume. Includes an iPod, a Walkman, and more.

In my opinion, the biggest improvement to the 2G iPod Touch is the volume rocker on the side. CNET/Corinne Schulze

Add dedicated volume controls to the list of dwindling MP3 player features. Most MP3 players on the market today integrate volume adjustment capability into their main navigation controls, meaning you have to be on a playback screen to tweak listening levels. With traditional iPods and devices such as the Sansa Fuze, a spin of the wheel accomplishes the task, while most others combine volume with the up and down menu navigation buttons on a four-way control pad.

There's nothing inherently wrong with this practice, but I'm a staunch supporter of the dedicated volume toggle for two reasons: simple convenience and eardrum protection. (If you're someone who's audio files are not all the same volume, you know what I mean.) It's in that spirit that I've compiled a list of great MP3 players with dedicated volume controls. And I'll tell you what: it's probably no coincidence that half of the products won our coveted Editors' Choice award.

MP3 players with dedicated volume controls.