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MP3 player saves tourists lost in snow

After their mobile phone died, two men stuck in the Swiss mountains used the faint light from a digital audio player to attract a rescue helicopter at night. (From Reuters)

The light from an MP3 player saved two lost tourists from a freezing night stuck out in the snowy Swiss mountains, rescue authorities said Saturday.

The two men--a skier and snowboarder, both from France--had gotten lost late in the day Friday outside marked runs near the resort of Savognin in southeast Switzerland, said Gery Baumann, spokesman for mountain rescue service Rega.

They were able to alert authorities using a mobile phone, but it then ran out of battery power, Baumann said.

"The two winter sports enthusiasts were found by the crew of the Rega helicopter shortly after midnight, thanks to the faint light of their MP3 player," he said.

The two men had only mild hypothermia, despite temperatures falling as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.