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MP3 player brings back the safety pin

The "Cool Man" tries to make the best use of retro fasteners.


Where some companies try to re-invent the wheel, others simply find ways to go back to low-tech solutions--very low tech. Case in point: The "Cool Man" MP3 player from Chinese manufacturer Newman fastens to your personage with a safety pin. That's right, the kind of thing used for diapers before Pampers.

Now that's an unusually retro idea, to put it mildly, when others are going out of their way to find alternative solutions to crossing apparel with mobile entertainment. To be fair, it should be noted that the Cool Man does have more modern features, such as an OLED display, a built-in microphone, and, judging by the photo from Engadget, some water-resistant properties. But as others have noted, Newman missed an opportunity to market these as MP3 buttons for the presidential campaign.