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MP3 Insider 133: Lauren Rich Fine interview

Donald speaks with author Lauren Rich Fine about her latest report on the music industry, titled 'Playing A New Tune: The Music Industry's D-I-Y Era.'

Photo of Lauren Rich Fine.
Lauren Rich Fine

In her latest report for, author Lauren Rich Fine boils down the music industry's most important trends and milestones over the past 10 years. The report is entitled Playing A New Tune: The Music Industry's D-I-Y Era, and takes an unflinching look at the state of the music industry, the players involved, and the staggering amount of money and blind faith it takes to stay in the game.

Want to know if record labels still matter? Not sure if Apple saving or slaughtering the music industry? Should bands stop making records and transition entirely to Guitar Hero game endorsements? Donald Bell gets the answers in his half-hour interview with Lauren Rich Fine, Research Director for ContentNext.

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