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MP3 DJ Doorbell: Rickroll your unsuspecting visitors

Store up to 10,000 songs in the MP3 DJ Doorbell, and you'll never have to listen to the same chime twice.

MP3 DJ Doorbell
Choose your own doorbell ringtone. Swann

I'm looking at my hopelessly low-tech 1940s-era doorbell. Its most impressive feature is a light-up button outside. If only I could make it play "Friday" instead of "ding-dong."

My 1940s doorbell
Here's my low-tech old doorbell, for the sake of comparison. Amanda Kooser/CNET

For $50, I can upgrade to MP3 doorbell technology, thanks to Swann's MP3 DJ Doorbell. The wireless design makes installation easy. It consists of a speaker unit that you mount inside and a push button doorbell unit that you mount outside.

The doorbell can handle up to a 32GB SD card (not included) full of whichever songs or sounds your little heart desires. You can load up a horse neigh, some gangster rap, or "Star Trek" whooshing door noises.

Editing software is included so that you don't have to listen to every last note of "My Heart Will Go On."

The MP3 DJ Doorbell offers a lot of potential for designing your own house soundtrack. Set "Jamabalaya" to play for guests coming to your Mardi Gras party. Cue up "Thriller" for Halloween.

Best of all, you can set it to play "Never Gonna Give You Up" in order to Rickroll unsuspecting delivery people, family members, neighbors, and solicitors.