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MP3 cassette to relive drive-in memories

SD card player can be used in a dashboard or a standalone portable.


While other car stereo makers are trying to disguise their systems behind faceplates of yesteryear, this music player is taking a different approach to the retro game. The "Cassette MP3 Player" from ThinkGeek looks like a regular tape circa 1976, but its real purpose is to house an SD card carrying digital tunes.

The ersatz device can be used in any cassette player, recharging and hooking up to speakers through its USB port. And it needn't be a dashboard version, by the way--we're certain that some poor souls will insist on reliving their glory days with a boombox. Or you can go solo with it as a portable, using its 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and built-in lithium battery.

If all this sounds like too much trouble, but you're still a fan of the old-school look, there's a happy medium: the iPod Nano cassette case.