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MP3 camera gets all lacquered up

Samsung's NV3 goes for the gold

Gadget Candy

When in doubt, change colors. Samsung has perfected that tactic, and it's applied the concept to its NV3 line of combo MP3-playing, 7-megapixel cameras.

The original model in basic black got a decent rating from fellow Craver Will Greenwald last year, but it appears that Samsung thought it was time for a makeover. But rather than slap on some cheap lipstick, the NV3 is now finished in stainless steel or, more exotically, "Oriental Plant Lacquer" that Gadget Candy says is environmentally friendly.

Oh, by the way, the price of these newly outfitted cameras is considerably higher--about $450 for the lacquered version vs. $250 for the original black. But we're sure that had nothing to do with Samsung's marketing strategy.