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Moziilla unleashes location-aware Geode browser extension

Mozilla wants to help make your browser aware of where you are, and enable developers to tailor-fit Web experiences accordingly.

In a week in which Mozilla's CEO confirmed the imminent alpha release of its mobile Firefox browser, codenamed "Fennec", Mozilla was also busy talking up a cool extension to its desktop browser: Geode.

What is Geode? Perhaps the best question is "Where?" Geode makes your browser location-aware, adding intelligence to applications like search and more:

The potential here is for more than just restaurant lookups. For example, imagine an RSS reader that knows the difference between home and work and automatically changes its behavior appropriately. Or a news site whose local section is, in fact, actually local. Or Web site authentication that only allows you to login from certain physical locations, like your house.

This is amazingly cool, and is enabled by following the W3C Geolocation specification. Mozilla continues to demonstrate leadership in browser innovation. Geode is just the latest example.