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Mozes bookmarks your business cards

Mozes bookmarks your business cards

Here's a very cool company at OnHollywood: Mozes, an SMS responder. You send a keyword to Mozes (66937 on your phone's keypad) from your cell phone, and you get data back via SMS. I just set up the keyword "RafeNeedleman," for example. If you send that keyword to Mozes, you'll get back the data I put into my profile (not much as of this writing, but I'll try to add to it soon). Also, the data will be saved on your personal Mozes account, so you can access it later from a full PC interface.

There are many companies working on SMS marketing tools, but I think this is a fantastic idea, for advertising, marketing, and for personal use. Will Mozes keywords start showing up on business cards? That would make sense. Also, companies could start putting Mozes codes on storefronts and even on products on shelves.